Is it possible to activate and deactivate the service whenever I want?

Certainly. By clicking the Smartphone icon in the center of the cloud, you can mute the service (similar to Whatsapp muting). This is useful when, for example, you are still quite near the landline (like in the yard, or at the neighbors), but prefer it doesn’t ring.

Is using iChoose free of charge?

iChoose itself is free to use everywhere except in the US. 
The service works using the Cellular Operators’ “Call Forward” feature. Cellular carriers
usually charge a regular mobile minute for this service – so:
If you are on an unlimited voice plan – there will be no charge.
If you are on a limited plan – calls answered on landline will count as regular mobile calls from your plan.
If you are on pre-paid – calls answered on landline will count as regular Pre-paid minutes.

In the US, iChoose cannot work for free due to different regulation. in the US it's a try-before-you-buy app. the rest of the explanation (call forwarding etc.) applies for the US as well. 

Do calls ring on the landline even when I am not near it / away from home?

No. iChoose is location based, and only rings the landline when you are physically close to it.
In the near future, we might add an additional option such as “always call my landline”, for
scenarios such as a businessmen would like phone calls from his cell number to reach his
secretary directly even when out of the office.

If my smartphone is in a silent mode, would the dual ring work?

This can be configured in the app settings. By default the landline will not ring, can be changed in settings to ring even if silent/vibrate.

What is iChoose?

iChoose is a mobile application that lets you choose whether to answer mobile calls as usual (on your mobile), or on landline – calls ring simultaneously on both devices, and you can answer on whichever is more convenient.
iChoose is great for reducing exposure to mobile radiation, eliminating poor mobile coverage problems, and just enjoying comfortable landline calls instead of mobile calls whenever it suits you – while maintaining both your availability and your privacy.

Why is it recommended to use iChoose?

iChoose Service is very simple – and has many benefits:
By answering some of your mobile calls on landline, you reduce your exposure to harmful cellular radiation.
If you have several landline outlets at home for example, iChoose lets you answer your mobile calls even if your mobile is in another room.
In a case of poor cellular reception coverage, being able to take calls on the landline with iChoose frees you from disconnections and poor call quality.
iChoose is an excellent alternative for those who don’t like to talk on their smartphone –
smartphones are heavy, tend to heat up, and are much less comfortable to hold and listen on for long conversations.

How many numbers of landline phones can I add?

iChoose allows connecting up to five landlines simultaneously.

On Which cellular operating systems, does iChoose work?

Currently, Android only.

Does iChoose work on all Landline operator networks?

Generally yes. we test this to the besto of our ability - many networks have routing "quirks" - we depend on our users to let us know where we have an occassional problem, and we work to fix it with the operators. 

Does iChoose work on all Mobile operator networks?

Not all, but most. some operators do not allow call forwarding on their networks, hencethe app cannot work technically. other operators charge a premium for call forwarding, and we do not want our users to be surprised with a large bill from their operator, so we simply don't let the app work on those operator networks at all. When such users download the app, they receive "network not supported" message immediately.  

How do I remove one of the landline numbers which was registered on iChoose?

Simply click on the landline phone icon and delete the line.

Must I be connected to data (the internet) in order to use the service?

Yes. Either 3G or WiFi. iChoose works best when connected to WiFi, so it’s recommended.

Will iChoose work when there is poor cellular coverage?

Yes! Among the advantages of that the app solves this issue for people who suffer from bad cellular coverage in their office or residence. As long as there is some signal, iChoose will work.

Will iChoose work when there is no cellular signal at all?
(A state of “no service”)

No. In order for a call to reach iChoose, it must first reach the mobile phone. When there is no reception at all, the call does not reach the mobile phone and therefore cannot be routed onto iChoose.

Why do I receive an alert message: “MMI code failed” and I can’t transfer calls?

iChoose uses a network features named “Call Forwarding”. Not every phone line is enabled by the operator with this feature; especially Pre-Paid lines commonly do not enjoy this network service. 

Is there a difference in the performance of the app, when connected via 3G data link verse to WIFI data link?

At present – yes. When connected to WI-FI, there is almost no delay between the mobile ring and the landline ring. On 3G, typically a longer delay exists. We are working to improve this.

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