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I pick up the call on the landline phone and the call get disconnected.

This can happen due to a temporary or a permanent problem with call forwarding to your mobile operator's network.

It is recommended to click on the icon of the mobile phone at the center of the cloud (cancellation of service) and again (restart).

If this phenomenon continues it is recommended to temporarily disable the service and make the following test:


In general, if there is a "call forwarding" problem on the line (this is a definition on the network of the mobile operator of your line), we have nothing to do but to recommend you to contact your cellular provider and ask them to enable and trigger the "call forwarding" feature for you.


You can easily check whether the problem is on iChooseAPP or at the call forwarding option on your line (a problem with your suppliers). 


Conduct manual call forwarding like this: **67*037630596# ---> SEND




If you are alerted that forwarding the call failed, you should contact your cellular service provider. 


If forwarding the call is successful, call your personal cell number from any phone, and see if you can answer on the landlines. 

If this succeeds - the problem Is on iChooseAPP.


If still, after the options mentioned above are done, and when you pick up a call on the landline it gets disconnected - the problem is at the service of your cellular provider and you should contact them ASAP.


Sometimes, a cellular network indicates that the call forwarding was successful, although in reality it fails, and you have to check it out with them.


For manual cancellation of the call forwarding dial: #002# ---> SEND




A Ring delay of several seconds when the network connection is set on wireless and not on Wi-Fi  connection.


On the beta version, it is better to be logged on a Wi-Fi connection in order for iChooseAPP to perform without an unnecessary delay between the mobile ring and the landline ring. 


While on a cellular connection, it might take a few seconds between rings of the separate lines. (Mobile-landline) 


We're working on a solution and will update as soon as one is available.




I added a number - the landline does not ring at all


Check if the phone is on the "mute", or on the "vibrate" mode.

If so, in this situation, the landline ringer, is also muted.




Does not work with Golan Telecom cellular service (in Israel)


Golan Telecom does not allow call forwarding feature on their network, a feature which iChooseAPP must have, in order to perform the call forwarding feature onto a landline.

Pester them about this! We also want it to work with their service and subscribers!!!




Receiving a message - "Forwarding the call failed".


Depending on the tariff plan of the cellular subscriber, the cellular operator might not allow call forwarding feature at all, for specific subscribers.


This situation It is common especially among Prepaid subscribers, but sometimes this could happen as well, because of errors on the user attributes settings, on the cellular operator systems.


In this situation, it is recommended to call your cellular operator and request that the feature "call forwarding" to a subscriber, will be enabled.




I pick up the call on both the mobile and the landline, and the landline keeps ringing several times


This Happens in some cases. 

It will be amended on upcoming upgraded versions.




One-way audio situation on the landline


In some cases, it is possible that you pick up a call, on a landline and hear the other party, but they don't hear you. 

If you have encountered this phenomenon, we will be happy if you contact us by an email stating the mobile number and the identity of the operator of your landline. 


In this event, simply disable the specific line.

The case will be corrected in the upcoming upgraded versions.




Landline does not ring even after a large number of rings


It might be because your cellphone is blocked from sending an identified number. 

In this case the landline will not ring.




I added a switchboard line - there is one ring on the cellphone and then only landline rings.


There are switchboards which are configured to answer a call before it was actually answered. (The caller continues to hear a dial tone, but the call time counter starts running already). 


In this case, iChooseAPP consider the call as a call that was answered on the landline and that is why the cellphone keeps ringing. 


In the near future we will deal with this scenario, as of now there is no solution.




When answering the landline the cellphone line keeps ringing and ringing, or switches to "mute" mode.


This situation is Solved from Version 319 and higher - if you're on an older version (you can check your version on the "setting" screen) , it is recommended to update the version.




Google play is not letting me download - presenting "not available in your country"


Most apps are universal, meaning you can download them worldwide. 


iChooseAPP is a telephone integrated infrastructure app and therefore works only in specific places (currently - Israel) Google Play. 


For Israelis whom encountered this phenomenon - apparently the Google account which is configured on the phone is not registered as an Israeli account, therefor in the perspective of Google Play even if the phone has been purchased in Israel and Have an Israeli SIM card - it is considered and recognized as a non-Israeli phone.


You can correct this on the user's Google Account.


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