IS - Call Forward Problems (Other than Cellcom)

For some users, several things may interrupt with iChoose working properly: 

  1. Follow me or "Double Ring" service activated on the mobile line
  2. Car Phone on the same mobile number
  3. Line not configured for Call Forwarding by the network provider for some reason

in cases 1 + 2, you need to decide whether to use iChoose or one of these services - they do not co-exist well

in case 3, we suggest to call your provider's customer service and tell them this: 

"Hi, i am trying to use Call Forward on busy, and it seems my line is not configured for this. can you please check and if needed, reset my line preferences to have Call Forwarding enabled."

Operator Regular number * number
Orange  1-800-800-054  *054
Pelephone  1-700-500-166 or 050-7077766  *166
Cellcom  1-800-052052 *123
Rami Levi  076-8888600  *123
Hot Mobile  1-800-800-053 or 053-5003000  *053
Home Cellular  1-800-055-222 or 052-2212345  *0552
Youphone 1-800-558-855 or 03-9005100 *0558
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    Yossi (Joe) Gottlieb

    Hi. I was supposed to be in your betta tests

    Quite a lot of problems
    Till last week long delays
    Today reinstalled on new phone but not working

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