Call Forwarding problem on Cellcom's network

Cellcom's network has a unique problem which makes it a requirement for the user to install their Voicemail in order for Call Forwarding to work.

Since iChoose needs Call Forwarding in order to work properly, Voicemail needs to be set up on the line first. This can only be done via Cellcom's website (PC only, not the mobile version), or via their customer service.

We suggest to call their customer service at *123 and request: 

  • check if Voicemail is activated for this line, if not, activate it. 
  • If already activated, ask them why Call Forwarding is not working, and whether they can Reset the your line. 
  • if you have a car phone using the same number, this could also be the reason this isn't working. in that case, there is not much we can do. 

you can activate voicemail on the web (PC website) here.

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